Agricultural Chemistry Winter School – Perugia. 5-8 February 2024

Daniele Del Buono from UNIPG presented at the Winter School an oral communication entitled “Organic polymeric nanomaterial from waste and biogenic nanoparticles: potential uses in agriculture”. Daniela Pezzolla from UNIPG presented an oral communication on  “Biopolymeric compound (BPC) from olive-oil chain by-products used as enhanced controlled released biofertilizer”, by N. Montegiove, M. Rallini, D. Del Buono, C. Zadra, G. Gigliotti, L. Torre, D. Puglia, D. Pezzolla. A poster entitled “A biorefinery approach for the valorization of olive mill by-products to obtain renewable energy and biofertilizers”  was also presented.